JC Waggoner (Ballads and Ball)

JC Waggoner As heard on: Ballads and Ball Show Theme: N/A Show Hours: 12-2 pm on Wednesdays Major: Political Science and Strategic Communication Fun Fact: On the Women’s Soccer Team

Phillip Ebker (KDRU News)

Phillip Ebker As heard on: KDRU Radio Show Theme: News Show Hours: N/A Major: Organizational and Leadership Communication Major Fun Fact: An avid Sun Drop soda fan

Saige Strodtman (Sounds of Seoul)

Saige Strodtman As heard on: Sounds of Seoul: Bringing Kpop to the Ozarks Show Theme: Kpop Show Hours: 4-6 PM on Wednesdays Major: Dual major in Political Science and Multimedia …

Avery Mercer (Sonic Sentiments)

Avery Mercer As heard on: Sonic Sentiments Show Theme: N/A Show Hours: 7-8 PM on Mondays Major: Strategic Communications Major Fun Fact: I have always been interested in music production …

JP Godwin (LateNightMidwest)

JP Godwin As heard on:¬†LateNightMidwest Show Theme: Various rock genres. Show Hours: 10-11 PM on Mondays and Fridays Major: Cyber-Risk Management, Business Management: Fun Fact: An avid skater who enjoys …