These are the faces (and voices) of KDRU. This hand picked, close knit team works together to make KDRU the best that it can be. Show us some love by tuning in and interacting with us via our social media accounts or studio line (both readily available in the sidebar).



Think of this as the President of the organization. Their job is to be a guiding hand, and make sure that everyone is on task and having a good time.


Clayton Baumgarth

As heard on: The Alt Assault and The Weekly Buzz

MAJOR: Multimedia Production/Journalism with a minor in Business admin

Year: Junior

Favorite Alt Rock show attended: “I immediately think of Cage the Elephant at a show they did with Imagine Dragons, Silversun Pickups, and the Neighborhood back in 2013. They were all great, but Cage the Elephant brought this crazy energy to the stage that night.”

clayton b



This is our ‘media person.’ They coordinate efforts with non-profits and community partners, as well as manage our Facebook and Twitter profiles.


Erin Hotchkiss

As heard on: Timewarp Thursdays and The Weekly Buzz

Major: Strategic Communication with a minor in Psychology

Year: Junior

Favorite Timewarp Artist: “It’s a tie between Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and Steve Miller. They all have very distinct guitar sounds that stick with ya.”

erin h


Meet our foot soldiers. They create, plan out, and host programs for all to hear.


Nick Childress

As heard on: Sports with Nick and Ryan

Major: Multimedia Production/Journalism

Year: Senior

All time favorite sports team: “STL Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. I’ve been a fan of both since I was a kid and I’m an intensely passionate fan of both.”

nick c


Ryan Dickey

As heard on: Sports with Nick and Ryan

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Year: Senior

All time favorite sports team: “STL Cardinals. I was raised on them, my entire family has loved them for generations. And they are the greatest sports franchise in history.”

ryan d


Ben Fisher

As heard on: The Hangout Sports Podcast

Graduated With: Double Major in Exercise Sport Science and Sports Management with minors in Global Studies and Business Admin

Year Graduated: 2015

All time favorite sports team: “The Kansas City Chiefs. Everyone in the family enjoyed them, so naturally i did too. Also, I couldn’t stand the Rams and the only other team in the state was KC.”

ben f


John Miller

As heard on: The Hangout Sports Podcast

Graduated with: Master of Education in Instrumental Technology, Bachelor of arts in Integrated Media, Minors in Global Studies and Music

Current Job: Radio Play-by-Play Voice of Drury Panthers and Lady Panthers basketball

All time favorite sports team: “Chicago Cubs. I grew up watching them on WGN and have been a fan ever since.”

john m


Max Prater

As heard on: Billboard Blurbs

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Senior

Favorite Billboard Blurbs decade: “The 70’s. It’s one of my favorite decades of music and has an impressively wide span in terms of genres to pick from as far as #1 hits go.”

max p


Alec ‘G-Chrome’ Presley

As heard on: The Deb and G-Chrome Show

Major: Multimedia Production/Journalism

Year: Senior

Favorite Broadway musical: “Hamilton, because my brother introduced me to it. I got to see it live in Chicago (which was the justification for my first real road-trip), and it’s just so objectively amazing.”

g chrome


Deborah Tragasz

As heard on: The Deb and G-Chrome Show

Major: Multimedia Production/Journalism

Year: Senior

Favorite Broadway musical: Probably Hamilton, Unavailable for comment




Two words. Tech. Wizard. This guy sets up, maintains, and spit-shines all of our equipment so that all of this is possible. No small feat, that job.


Kent Otto

As heard on: Electricity Radio

Current Job: Owner and founder of

Graduated with: Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing

Favorite EDM Artist: “Bassnectar. I just love him a lot.”

kent o



The liaison between the university and us, as well as the one to got us on FM, meet the ‘father’ of KDRU. (fact: he’s been to more rock shows than he can count on both hands. That’s at least ten.)


Jonathan Groves

As heard on: The HeadBangers Special and The Weekly Buzz

Current Job: Chair of the Communication Department, Professor

Passion: Journalism and how it continues to evolve in todays world

Favorite Rock Show Experience: “I have  a few different favorites. I Saw Pink Floyd (sans Roger Waters) IN THE 80’S. Also saw The Who on the 25th anniversary of Tommy. But I would have to put seeing Van Halen in their prime in 1982 (Diver Down Tour) up there.”

jonathan groves